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The clinic will provide natural health-enhancing EECP therapy to achieve an enhanced quality of life and improved physical capacitance. So come and reap the gift of science and restore your youthful vigor.
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The center is India’s First Evidence Based Wellness Center to ensure the wellness of its clients. It helps the clients improve their physical activity and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease. The clinic will focus on the preservation of health and prevention of disease with a shred of a holistic, evidence-based approach. In addition, the clinic will provide natural health-enhancing therapy EECP to achieve an enhanced quality of life, well-being, and improved physical capacitance.

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India’s First Evidence
Based Wellness Center

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Wellness Program


Wellness Program

EECP for Exercise

EECP is a passive exercise that will stimulate an aggressive endurance exercise effect in the body.

EECP for Kidney

EECP improves kidney blood flow and helps improve kidney filtration by reducing harmful hormones.

EECP for Eyes

EECP improves retinal blood flow in diabetic patients and helps improve vision.

EECP for Brain

EECP increases the carotid artery blood flow to the brain and has a positive effect on preventing brain damage.

EECP for Erectile Dysfunction

EECP can improve the blood flow to the pelvic area by about 140% and improvement in the ability of sexual intercourse.

EECP for Blood Pressure

EECP has a profound effect in decreasing blood pressure by improvement in blood vessel dilation, a reflection of improved vascular health.

EECP for Diabetes

EECP controls body blood glucose levels by greater utilization of blood glucose by the cells, enhancing insulin secretion, and improving the cell's sensitivity to insulin.

EECP for Immunity

EECP improves body immunity by stimulating your lymphatic and circulatory system recruiting immune cells and making them less prone for diseases.

EECP for Anti Aging

EECP is an anti-aging treatment that prevents and reverses vascular damage and enhances body cell ability to heal itself.

EECP for Detoxification

EECP boosts the production of antioxidants while increasing the immune system response and flushes metabolic waste.

EECP for Cholesterol Level

EECP significantly reduces cholesterol, triglyceride, and LDL by around 20-30% and improves good HDL cholesterol by around 15%.

EECP for Weightloss

EECP increases lymphatic circulation, metabolism, and physical energy output for higher calorie-burn and overall weight loss.

EECP for Skin

Skin is the reflection of your internal health. Therefore, a healthy skin glow can effectively signal your health status.

Post-Covid Syndrome

The worst effect of COVID-19 is after it leaves you. Post-COVID syndrome takes away your immunity and quality of life.

About EECP

What is EECP Treatment?

EECP is a passive exercise where the subject will comfortably lie on the treatment table. The treatment will stimulate an aggressive endurance exercise effect in the body. Large specialized blood pressure-like cuffs are wrapped around the legs and buttocks. These cuffs inflate and deflate at specific intervals between heartbeats. A continuous electrocardiogram (ECG) is used to set the timing of inflation and deflation. The cuffs will inflate when the heart is at rest and deflate when it contracts. Special sensors continuously check the blood's oxygen level and blood flow reversal, created by inflations and deflations.

Each one-hour session of EECP is compared to six to eight hours of jogging. This will enhance and nourish blood flow to all your vital organs and restore your youthfulness internally and externally.

e "Enhanced" stands for the treatment advanced through clinical and technical advancement.

e "External" stands for the treatment is entirely external and doesn't need any invasive procedures.

c "Counter" stands for the primary treatment principle is to counter the natural heart pumping function. When the heart contracts, the cuffs placed in your leg relax. The heart relaxes the cuffs contracts.

p "Pulsation" stands for the rhythmic blood flow in the arteries during the treatment.


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