Prevention is better than Cure

EECP for Immunity

EECP for Immunity

EECP Effect On Immunity.

EECP improves body immunity by stimulating your lymphatic and circulatory system recruiting immune cells and making them less prone for diseases.

EECP Boosts your immune function, making your body better equipped to fight off foreign pathogens.The active circulation achieved by EECP treatment will help the immune cell to move across the body and reach wherever it is needed. Along with circulation in blood vessels EECP also enhance the circulation of lymphatic system. The lymphatic circulatory system works to flush toxin out of body and also carries immune cells. If the lymphatic system becomes slow then toxin are accumulated in the body, slows the immune response to infection, causes swelling, pain and weaken your immune response to disease. EECP improves the Lymphatic circulation and act us a natural immune booster therapy.

Weakening Natural Immune Defence.

The Defence against many viral infections is still elusive as prevention of virus infection will be a better alternative than fighting for a cure. Antiviral medications to eliminate the virus infection are not there, and Immunization for many viruses remains a distant dream until today.

We all stick to our time tested methods of social distancing, washing hands, wear a mask when needed, and stay home. The fight against an invisible enemy is not new to our body; from time immemorable, our body continually fights against these invisible invaders and has won against it so often than losing it.

The ability of our immune system, our internal strength is waning in the past couple of decades. We can easily overcome these monstrous viruses if we have retained our warrior immune system intact with its efficacy, which has protected us from the time human being walked on this planet called earth. Remember, it is not the strength of the viruses that killed you ( Virulence ); you lose the battle because of your weakness, which triggers your submission of your precious life to these viruses.

The various alternative to strengthen your immunity was proposed, including vitamin, antibiotics, healthy food, Indian ayurvedic preparations, and yoga many fail to show any effectiveness in clinical trials. It leads to a disastrous consequence of unknown fear leading to frantic government reaction of lockdowns, quarantine, Large scale migration of immigrants, all leading to national calamity. Economic slow down across the entire globe with world leaders struggling to guide their respective country is never heard of before. The initial response of "just a Virus" has now led to a precarious condition of Humans locking down themselves inside their home. The simple or " Just a Virus" has overwhelmingly put us where we belong when nature is furious. It has come true concerning the COVID-19 virus.

Physical Inactivity.

The cure of COVID or any viral or bacterial infection can never come from outside; it should be from inside your own body. Now it is the COVID-19, then there will be another sooner or later. This chain will happen again and again until nature punishes us by pushing us to where we started.

The main reason for this is humans, unlike other living organizations, have lost their touch with nature due to civilization. Our inborn genetic makeup, in reality, hasn't changed for the past 40,000 years, despite our lifestyle changes with civilization. Our gene and our immune response still remember us as a hunter and food gatherers. This has a tremendous impact on our current health care, which has vastly neglected our physical activity. It is estimated our current energy expenditure through physical activity is only 38% when compared to our ancestors.

Medical Industry And Physical Inactivity.

The medical industry knows these enormous gaps in per day energy expenditure of an average man and women but somehow decided not to act aggressively. This gap was tried to fill in by creating a colossal supplement industry, which contains products intended to supplement your food with extra nutrition to enhance immunity alternative to physical activity. These supplements come through vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and herbs. Currently, in USA, this industry worth 124.8 billion dollars, growing at 6.4% per annum.

These industry has now been slowly exposed by multiple studies that they don't work as they are proposed. The main reason is your gene hasn't forgotten your longevity of life is depends on your physical activity. Unless if your physical activity is enhanced, then just taking supplements to boost your immunity and disease-free survival will not work. Recent COVID -19 has exposed our Gap in health care at the Global level. Now everyone from rich to poor and powerful to ordinary is dependent on only one thing for survival. That is the Immune system we long neglected due to overconfidence in modern medicine.

EECP Stimulates Physical Exertion.

The remedy is still available but needed to be implemented in the right way. We need a system to work the body to the physical activity capacity so intense as our ancestors. Many of us are not able to exercise up to our limits due to physical inactivity. Lack of physical training will cause an abnormal rise in the blood pressure and heart rate, making intense exertion challenging to perform.

In the fight against the infection caused by viruses, people should pull up a very intensive exercise effect on the body routinely by undergoing a procedure called Enhanced External Counter Pulsation exercise assisting procedure. This procedure helps in improving your blood flow and boosts immunity and helps us naturally fight the viruses. The method involves applying blood pressure like cuffs in the legs and by compression in synchronization with your heartbeat. This increase the blood flow to all organs, dislodge biological repair cell, and make it available in your blood to repair damaged cells. The procedure also increases lymphatic circulation providing a potent natural immune booster to make your immune cell available everywhere across your body and strengthen your vascular system.

EECP procedure significantly increases nitric oxide level in your body; another immune defense of your body, many of your immune system cells, directly respond to this increase in nitric oxide. This effect can play a crucial role as an antiviral. All these health benefits are achieved passively when the subject lies down on the treatment table. Overall, EECP provides an aggressive exercise effect in your body.

Besides, when your activity is enhanced through this procedure, your body can utilize other supplements effectively. Always remember the key to fight every virus is to move from weakness, then your body can handle the fight, which can be easily won. EECP can tremendously help you to achieve this, which is proven by many research papers.

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