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EECP for Eyes

EECP for Eyes

EECP improves retinal blood flow in diabetic patients and helps improve vision.

Eyes are the most complex system in the body with tiny blood vessels and light-sensing nerves. Humans are blessed with basic five senses, which are taste, hearing, touch, smell, and vision. In this vision can be considered as most complex since more area of our brain is dedicated to eyesight alone.

Uncontrolled diabetes can affect your eyes by damaging the retina, causing visual problems leading even to blindness. Another risk factor is long-standing hypertension, which can damage the blood vessels leading to visual problems. EECP treatment has shown to have a positive effect on both these risk factors and hence will have a beneficial impact on the eyes.

EECP Improves Retinal Blood Flow.

One of the most dreaded eye diseases is lack of blood flow to the essential part of the eye, the retina, which assists us in seeing ( vision). It could happen due to blockages in the main artery carrying blood to the retina. EECP has shown to improve blood flow to the eyes when the central vessel is diseased with obstruction. The blood flow enhancement is vital in patients with diabetes. Most of the diabetic patients have microvessels in the eyes are damaged due to long-standing high blood glucose level. It causes hypoperfusion or reduced blood flow to the retina. During EECP, the microcirculation in the diseased vessels improves significantly enhancing the vision. 12% increase in blood flow velocity Retinal perfusion increase by 105%.

Illustration. Blood flow in minute arterioles seen through laser Doppler flowmetry. Blood flow restoration.

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