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EECP for Skin

EECP for Skin

EECP enhances blood flow to skin cells and improves skin glow.

Skin is the reflection of your internal health. Therefore, a healthy skin glow can effectively signal your health status. However, with aging and disease conditions in your vital organs, the body naturally tries to preserve your health by directing the blood flow to your vital organ and compromising the flow to your skin. Unfortunately, it leads to a sick look, where your skin loses its texture and glow.

EECP is a natural blood flow enhancer. It dilates the micro vessels underneath the skin, thereby significantly improving skin oxygenation. This improved oxygen supply and carbon dioxide clearance help the skin reverse aging.

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The clinic will provide natural health-enhancing EECP therapy to achieve an enhanced quality of life and improved physical capacitance. So come and reap the gift of science and restore your youthful vigor.
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