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EECP for Erectile Dysfunction

EECP for Erectile Dysfunction

EECP can improve the blood flow to the pelvic area by about 140% and improvement in the ability of sexual intercourse.

EECP has unexpected significant benefits in many diseases, which are mostly due to the reversal of compromised blood flow. Blood flow with good normal pressure and flow speed or velocity is essential for many organs to obtain their share of blood flow to maintain normal functions.

When the demand of the organ is higher due to increase metabolism, the blood flow to that particular organ is maximized by dilating the blood vessel. However, the dilation of the blood vessel is achieved only if the function of cells lining the inner part of the blood vessel is preserved and healthy. These cells are called endothelial cells. Many of the cardiac risk factors, including diabetes, hypertension, and smoking, have a profound effect on these endothelial cells and make them dysfunctional.

EECP Improves Penile Blood Flow.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is an important clinical manifestation of reduced blood flow. In many peoples, the blood vessel dilator called nitric oxide production is considerably reduced, causing a lack of blood flow, which is needed to initiate and maintain the erection. The presence of Erectile dysfunction in many countries is considered as a taboo. So this condition has never been presented as a complaint. The standard drug prescribed Sildenafil (Viagra) been used by millions of people around the world, which has many side effects and cannot be prescribed for all needy adults.

EECP, when given for other cardiac and wellness programs, can improve the blood flow to the pelvic region, about 140% higher than the average baseline blood flow. This effect can help the endothelium to respond and secrete an increased level of nitric oxide, which can help in erectile dysfunction. Many subjects come for wellness, and this effect of improved love life is only a boon in a society where Erectile dysfunction is still considered as a taboo.

  • 70% of the subjects reported improvement in the ability of sexual intercourse.
  • Penile Blood flow increase 93%.
  • Quality of erection improved 58%.
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