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EECP for Exercise

EECP for Exercise

EECP is a passive exercise that will stimulate an aggressive endurance exercise effect in the body.

Adequate and regular exercise is the path for physical and mental wellness. However, exercise capacity should build overtime to reach what is sufficient for your health. Many of us not able to perform the exercise to our limits due to lack of time or used to physical inactivity. Lack of exercise training will cause an abnormal rise in the blood pressure and heart rate while doing exercise, making intensive exertion challenging to perform.

Enhanced External CounterPulsation is a passive exercise where the subject will be lying in the treatment table conformably, and the treatment will stimulate an aggressive endurance exercise effect in the body. EECP mediated exercise training effect in the cardiovascular system leads to lower resting blood pressure and heart rate. The long term training effect will control the increase in blood pressure and heart rate during exercise; this can help you to achieve a higher workload without getting fatigued.

This effect will be a blessing for people and patients with a compromised cardiovascular system to attain improved exercise capacity. Many of the effects of EECP on your body are beyond the cardiovascular system, which includes lipid metabolism, weight loss, glucose intolerance, anti-thrombotic ( Preventing life-threatening clots), anti-inflammatory, and overall general wellness.

EECP stimulates the exercise effect.

It is a well-proven fact that physical activity is directly related to your lifespan. Our body perceives exercise by Total energy expenditure which, is the number of calories burnt by the human body in one day adjusted to the activity level ( sedentary, moderate or intense) Exercise or intense physical activity causes the following physiological change in our body it includes.

  • Skeletal muscle contraction.
  • Raised body metabolic demand.
  • Accelerated blood flow across the vascular system ( artery and veins).
  • Accelerated lymphatic flow.
  • Strong heart muscle contraindication to increase the cardiac output to meet the increasing demand.
  • Increase blood pressure and heart rate to assist the circulatory system.
  • Peripheral vasodilation.
  • Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system.

EECP a passive exercise.

EECP achieves all these physiological changes through a passive means. It is in such a way during the treatment subject's blood pressure, and the pulse rate is maintained at the resting level. In subjects with hypertension and elevated heart rate, the treatment training effect has shown to reduce the blood pressure and heart rate. Since the treatment is a passive exercise, the sympathetic nervous system is not stimulated, and body heat is not raised. One of the vital body colling effect by sweating is not needed, creating a sweatless aggressive exercise training.


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